Team Paula

An online journey of one young woman's battle to stay alive and raise her daughter. She is only the second person in the US to receive the 50cc TAH-t artificial heart, a bridge to transplant.

Second Transplant

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The story continues but is not complete. Paula is being reviewed for acceptance into the transplant program at Cedar - Sinai.  She has not been approved yet but the committee is reviewing her case with high likelihood of success. Paula continues daily walking with her artificial heart and is growing stronger everyday. 

Update- 7.11.2015. Cedar-Sinai transplant committee met on Friday July 10, 2015 and formally accepted Paula into the program. In fact, Paula was delighted to hear they have decided to list her on the national organ transplant wait list. Paula is officially on the waiting list for both a kidney and heart from a donor.  Although no one knows for certain how long her wait will be just getting on the list is a huge milestone. Her status on the list 1A which is assigned to the most critically ill patients. To read more about "the list" please click here