Team Paula

An online journey of one young woman's battle to stay alive and raise her daughter. She is only the second person in the US to receive the 50cc TAH-t artificial heart, a bridge to transplant.

Community support

Sometimes the word community is not a strong enough word and just cannot describe the strength of the love and support behind it. Paula is blessed to have grown up in Port Townsend and is a resident of Marrowstone Island.  The community has rallied to help both Paula and her daughter survive the day to day challenges of being in a hospital far from home.  In fact, the community has organized many fundraising activities. Neighbors and friends have mowed her yard and cleaned her house.  So many volunteers have participated in auctions, most recently Summer Martell (a long time family friend) has auctioned bi-plane rides to the highest bidder. 

The local Les Schwab donated space and water for a community car wash to raise funds to help Paula with daily living expenses and medical expenses. Over 70 cars were washed by the 20 volunteers! 

The Hilltop Tavern is selling T-shirts that announce their support for Paula. All proceeds go to Paula and Emma. Many local  businesses in Port Townsend are collecting donations for Paula and/or donating items to be auctioned off online. The O'Meara dance studio had a bake sale with donated baked goods to raise funds for Paula and Emma.  Local hip-hop artists including Knothead, DJ Thay, Automatic, L3fty, Ladro, Sean V, AK 47, Function Music Group and Endgame had a benefit concert June 27th, 2015 at The Hilltop Tavern. 

Live Concert featuring "Buck" Ellard was on August 1st  2015 at  The Port Townsend Brewery. It was a benefit concert for Paula McCammon. There was also a silent auction with many amazing donated items including software, gift certificates, travel kits and many more

A huge community  rummage sale occurred on August 8th from 9AM to 4PM. The community center was donated for the sales event.  Numerous community members donated household items and the sale was on Marrowstone Island. 

In August we start the comedy in Kitsap series Beat by Beat!